Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monkeys Don't Wear Shoes; Stupid Humans!

If you've been reading my blog you know that I am planning to run the half marathon in my Vibrams. I decided to write a blog post about the benefits of FiveFinger running because EVERY time I wear my Vibrams in a public place, I get the most ridiculous comments from people who have no idea what the purpose of the shoes is.

People say things like: "Those look like monkey shoes." - O, really?! That is definitely the look I was going for. I am so glad you noticed...or not - monkey's don't even wear shoes, idiot! What is even worse is that when you type "monkey shoes" into Google, the first images that come up are of Vibrams. I also commonly get laughed at and not in a nice, those-are-so-cool way. No, typically, it's in a those-are-completely-ridiculous way. Once again, thanks are in order because, you know, I wear them to make a fashion statement, not because of the natural movement benefits or anything like that.

Now to the point of this rambling, WHY I WEAR VIBRAMS a.k.a. Your Barefoot Education:

In short, Vibram FiveFingers fit and assist the natural form and function of the foot. The benefits of running barefoot are supported by scientific research (even Harvard says so) and there is significant evidence that training shoeless allows for faster and farther running with fewer injuries. Of course, it's ridiculous to just toss out the running shoes we've been using forever and take to the streets bare foot - BUT - Vibrams provide the protection our feet need while also providing the closest sensation to the natural act of being bare foot. I bet that's exactly why monkey's don't wear shoes; they've had it right all along. Stupid humans! Vibrams allow us to land on our forefoot rather than our heel, resulting in optimum balance and less impact. Trust me, you'll definitely notice the muscle strengthening they provide in your feet and lower legs.

To get more specific, the Vibram FiveFingers I run in are called Bikila's; they are designed to provide the most natural running experience of all the Vibram brands. I actually just realised this fun fact recently which led me to the further realisation that it's no wonder my transition from bulky, unnatural running shoes to Vibrams was so slow and painful at times. Perhaps I should have done a tad more research and started with a brand that allowed for a slightly lesser "learning curve" for my body. No sense in dwelling on the past...forward ho! I actually need a new pair (which is how I found out what brand I'm actually wearing) so soon to be charged to my credit card are these fine specimens:
I can't wait to break them in! 

Now that you have your Vibram education, you should consider trying out a pair. Also, rather than considering it, you should just go ahead and make a donation towards the 21K that I will be running with my Vibrams! 

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