Thursday, July 26, 2012

21K Training Schedule

A few posts back (21 Weeks to 21K) I talked about the training schedule that I was following. Since then I've surpassed the repetition of the first week and become fully immersed in 19-week plan. I was also sick for a week and a half and am currently attempting to get myself moved. While I was sick, I wasn't running because that's just a no-no say the experts. Now that I am moving, I'm spending a lot of time packing and unpacking. I don't have time to run; I make time to run.

I finally decided that I should actually show people who are supporting me what I am putting myself through. This way you can feel my pain, feel sorry for me, and donate to make me feel better!
Well, that kind of stinks; you're going to have to actually click on the image so that it enlarges in order to actually read my training schedule. I have faith in your clicking abilities, though; you'll be fine. This week has been a little messed up what with being sick and trying to move. Sunday, I was sick so no run. Monday, I ran 45 minutes instead of resting and apparently lost my iPod :( Do you have any idea how unmotivating it is to run without music?! Tuesday, I ran 40 minutes while watching Dr. Phil. Wednesday, I spent 5 hours after work packing most of what was left in my apartment so no run. Today, I'm supposed to Cross-Train, but since I'll be in Winnipeg until late Saturday which likely means no run, I'm going to do the 45 minute run today that I should be doing Saturday. Instead of resting tomorrow, I'll Cross-Train - or something. As long as I'm getting the accurate amount of running time in each week, I think I'll be a-ok!
Things stay pretty reasonable throughout August until I hit Saturday, the 25th at which point I have to run for a solid hour and a half. Mind you, I have done this already, before I was really following a training plan. My hope is that it will be reasonably nice weather - not too hot, not too cold or rainy - so that I can run outside. An hour and a half on the treadmill really doesn't sound all that appealing to me. An hour and a half running doesn't sound all that appealing either, but it must be done. After all, it's all for a great cause!
All of a sudden, 90 minutes doesn't seem all that bad when I look at the 110 minutes I have to run on September 1st. Once again, hoping for nice outdoor running weather. If not, though, I sort of look forward to asking the gals at Fitness Quest if I can use a treadmill for 4 times the allotted time. You see, the treadmills have a 30 minute limit (which I always exceed, but only by 15 or 20 minutes at this point and it's never really busy when I go to work out anyway). "Would it be alright if I use one of the treadmills for 110 minutes? I'm just training for a half marathon; it's no big deal really." Come on, I get to be conceited every now and again; running for 21K in a row is actually a really big deal - to me anyway ;) As you can see, the training schedule switches from minutes to kilometres in September. Currently, I can run 10K in about 90 minutes (not ideal, but fine by me) so my runs will actually get shorter (if I can maintain my stamina) come the middle of the month. I must also add that today is Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen. As you can see by the photo above, I love food - especially dessert. My boyfriend is on his way with a Cookie Dough Blizzard with my name on it right now! 
I feel the need to express my appreciation of the fact that Thanksgiving falls on a Monday - a.k.a. - a Rest Day! Bring on the stuffing (and I am referring to both definitions of the word). At this point I am also curious if I can run and trick-or-treat at the same time - doubtful. BUT, I could go dressed up as a marathon runner for Halloween...hmm...Now before you get all, "you're 28-years old and you still go trick-or-treating? That's outlandish!" on me, let me explain. Every year the Brandon University WUSC Club participates in the Brandon University Students' Union Halloween Food Drive. Campus clubs go around the city and collect non-perishable food items for the university's food bank. See - it's all for another good cause. 

Ok, I digress, back to running and marathon training. I included a pre- and post-workout photo a few blog updates ago. I definitely have the sweating like a pig part down. I also have the eating like a pig part under control. As for the looking like a fox part...we'll just have to see about that after I get a bit more running under my belt. 
In November, you will notice that one of the days - Saturday, November 10 - is highlighted in red. That's because Saturday, November 10 is my longest run leading up to the half marathon. I dread that day. I have nightmares about that day. I also doubt from time to time whether I will actually be able to run that far. When I first read through this schedule I wondered when I would run a full 21K in preparation for the actual race. To my surprise, I never actually run the full 21K during training. Apparently, you don't run a half marathon until you run a half marathon. Apparently, if you can run 19.5K there is little doubt that you can run the additional 1.5K. 

On Sunday, December 2nd, I'll be in Las Vegas running a half marathon. It is my goal to simply finish the race in the allotted time (4 hours). I'll be honest; if I finish dead last, I'll be a little disappointed and embarrassed, but then I'll snap out of it and remind myself that I just ran a half marathon. I'll remind myself that I ran 21K straight for myself and a cause that is so dear to my heart - WUSC's SRP. For me and for them, I will run!

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