Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yoga's NOT for Sissies and Elliptical Intervals are EASY

The next time someone laughs at you for counting yoga as a workout; you look at them right in the eye with a straight face and tell them, "Yoga is NOT for sissies!" The P90X yoga workout is an hour and a half long and I promise you that if you can even semi keep up with the people on the disk, you will be dripping sweat. Your entire body will be sore (a good kind of sore) after the workout, legs, arms, abs; you name it, it'll be sore.

After yoga, like I said, I was sore...everywhere. I decided to do an "easy" workout so instead of strapping on my Vibrams and taking to the outdoors, I decided to do intervals on my elliptical. Intervals used to be my most difficult workout, the fact that I now view it as my least intense workout, says something about how difficult jogging outside really is. Don't get me wrong, by the third round of intervals, I was dripping sweat (the whole dripping sweat thing seems to be a pattern), but using the elliptical causes the least amount of impact on my muscles.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Student Refugee Program. (Re: The Death of my Fat)

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