Thursday, May 17, 2012

Testing the Waters

It just so happens that Brandon has a City Loop Trail that is 20K in length. Remember, a half marathon is 21K. I determined, using Google Maps, that the approximate distance from my apartment on Braecrest Drive to the start of the trail at the Riverbank Discover Centre is 2K. That much math is simple enough for this Arts student so 2K to get there, 20K to complete the trail, and 2K to get back home is 24K. If I can do that (in under 4 hours), The Strip at Night doesn't stand a chance. Yesterday, I jogged the 2K down to the start of the trail, took a look at the starting point, and turned around and jogged back home. I just started training on Sunday, people. Did I mention I'm not a runner?! City Loop Trail, you and me have a date, just not quite yet!

Important B's Bits:

  • For every $1 donated, I'll donate $0.10 - which means if I reach my $5000 goal, I'll donate $500. 
  • I plan to tweet/facebook during the run, so I'll shout out to a top donor once every kilometer. My top 21 donors will be extra special!

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