Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chafing Nipples

The other day I went to Sport Chek to buy some kind of fancy watch/pedometer/heart rate monitor to help me track my training progress. I ended up buying a 925 Solo Heart Rate Watch. It's pretty super now that I know how to program it...well, mostly know how to program it. I've determined I can cover about 3K in 30 minutes. That really isn't good at all, but this is me, a non-runner, attempting to run so it's a decent start. The salesman was pretty good except for the fact that he seemed to want me to buy this little Nike pedometer that you put inside your shoe and could sync to your iPod. The technology seemed pretty cool, but 1) I didn't like the idea of having to have the little chip in my shoe and 2) I wanted something that I could look at and use to track my progress while I was running not something that I had to plug into my computer when I was done. Anyway, it's about time that I get to the title of this blog and explain it. I told the cute young salesman that I was training for a half marathon. After securing the sale of the watch he asked me if I had heard of Body Glide. I had no idea what he was talking about so he proceeded to show me. "It's really good for the type of long distance running you are planning to do. It helps stop chafing, especially of the nipples." <insert incredibly awkward glance between us> He quickly tried to recover by saying, "I guess that's really mostly for men, the nipples anyway, but it's good for other areas of the body too." I bought some to basically end the conversation and have actually used it on my arms. So far, my nipples seem to be just fine. 

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