Tuesday, May 29, 2012

10K Walk in 2 Hours

I promised myself that Sunday would be my long jaunt day. I say "jaunt" because I didn't actually run, I walked. I completed 10K in 2 hours which is the pace that the army members training for the Nijmegen keep. I figure that's pretty good for li'l ol' me. I decided to actually tackle part of the city circuit I mentioned in Testing the Waters. I managed to find my way to the first km marker and then get myself completely off track. I eventually happened to stumble (almost literally) upon the 5km marker at about the 5K point. I'm pretty sure that the next time I tackle the circuit, I won't get off track. Did I mention that it was raining and windy and really just utterly nasty outside on Sunday? By the time I had done about 3K I was completely soaked. By the time I had done 3K my right heal was also already hurting. You see, I get a blister - sort of - it's more of a pocket of skin with nothing inside it - on my right heel. The other day it opened and I peeled off the dead skin (gross, right?!). Now I have a blister (or whatever) on the new skin where the old skin used to be. Ugh! I've sort of been limping a bit ever since then. You know what would make me feel better? A donation

As I hit the 8K mark, I came across a beautiful Monarch (or what I think was a Monarch) butterfly struggling to move. She was beautiful, but if an insect can look forlorn, she did. I think her leg was hurt, poor thing. At the 9K mark, when I was pretty much ready to die and my feet were on fire, I saw three deer just calmly grazing in the bushes. They were majestic and brought a beautiful end to a grueling 10K. I told them they were pretty because I had to (I know; I'm weird). They just stood there and stared at me, watched me intensely as I walked by. 

A hot bath complete with Epsom salts was a relaxing end to a my first long jaunt. 

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