Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ghoulish Goodies & Good Causes

Perhaps I am a tardy blogger, but I am not a tardy fundraiser so I think that counts for something. With the help of my incredible mother who spent all day Saturday, October 20 buying supplies with me and all day Sunday, October 21 baking with me, I was able to raise $265 more for WUSC's Student Refugee Program. In addition to my SuperMom's help, I couldn't have done what I did if not for one of my bestest friends, Angie Currie, and one of my fabulous co-workers, Shirley Slashinsky. They both baked up a storm for me and Ang sat at the tables selling the goodies all day. I love my people who love me, so very very much!

All of the Ghoulish Goodies and Spooktacular Sweets turned out so wonderfully, that I feel the need to share my creations with everyone.

Edible Eyeballs: These goodies were made in a cake pop pan. The sclera (white part) is white chocolate; the pupil is either a brown Smartie or Reeces Pieces; the blood vessels are icing coloured red with food colouring. Now take a moment and imagine biting into one of these and seeing...Red Velvet cake. Nuf said.

Flavourful Fingers: These treats were made with a dough similar to shortbread, but there was something extra special added, crushed pecans. The bloody nails were made using blanched almonds and dying them red with food colouring. I especially enjoy the added "ick" provided by the broken almond (third finger on the bottom row).

Scrumptious Spiders: These sweets were made by rolling rice krispie cake around four pieces of black string licorice. Once again, the black for the bodies was brought about with food coloring. The creepy eyes were Reeces Pieces. Oooey gooey yumness!

Mouth-watering Worms: Here we have Devil's Food cake cupcakes, covered with chocolate icing, dipping in crushed Oreo cookies, and topped with half a gummy worm. Definitely slurp-worthy!

Om nom nom Owls: These cuties were made with French Vanilla cupcakes, covered with chocolate icing, and topped with halved Oreos. The finishing touches for the faces (pupils and beaks) were done with Reeces Pieces. Aren't they a hoot?!

Pleasing Pumpkins: These were the simplest snacks to make, add a little dab of yellow food colouring, add a little dab of red food colouring, roll the rice krispies into a ball, and stick a green jelly bean to the top; Voila!

I also made pumpkin twinkies that had a marshmallow/cream cheese filling, but I didn't take a photo because they just didn't look as cool as all of these other treats. Yum in the tum, none-the-less though. If you'd like any of the recipes for these Ghoulish Goodies, just leave me a comment stating so and I'll get right on it for you. Although, I might have to bug you for a donation...maybe.

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