Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Remember when...I was proud of 5K?!

As I hit lap 85 around the Shilo General Strange Hall (GSH) and realised that I was going to reach my goal of 100 laps (or 17km), I suddenly thought back to a time when I realised that I was going to reach my goal of 5km. I remembered how thrilled I was, so thrilled, in fact, that I called that particular blog post 5K MoFos and asked for a "whoop whoop!" That was back in June, a long and grueling 5 months ago. At this point, a.k.a 25 days until I run 21k, I am quite confident that I will complete the run in 3 hours. It took me 2 hours and 20 minutes to run 17km and I run an average 9-minute km so you do the math.

A 9-minute km isn't fast by any means. In fact, I shouldn't really call it running I guess; I should call it jogging, but to me it's running. I run as fast as I can to sustain myself for the length of time it requires to complete each goal. If that pace looks like jogging to you...just try and keep up! No one jogs a half marathon.

Everyone asks me if I am going to keep running after the half marathon and while there is a part of me that wants to say "yes, I can't wait to stop torturing my poor body," there is a bigger part of me that can't bear to just throw all of this progress away. Like I said, 5 months ago I struggled to run 5km and now when my training schedule says 5km, I scoff it off as an easy day! In fact anything less than 10km is typically...easy. Who'da thunk I'd ever be saying that!

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