Friday, August 10, 2012

The Hot Guy at the Gym

First, I must enter a disclaimer: I have a boyfriend and he is wonderful. We've only been together for a few short months, but I'm pretty sure I love him. Also, he doesn't ever read my blog for whatever reason so my oogling of said "Hot Guy" should never come to his attention. Joe, if you do read know you rock my world...and you're way hotter than "that guy."

Everyday I go to the gym "Hot Guy" comes in like clockwork about  half way through my workout. He's not a huge beefcake (like some of the guys I glance at). He doesn't have flowing blonde locks (like this other guy I watch from time to time). He's not covered in tattoos (like a few other guys I might happen to notice). He's actually kind of short, has a slender build, and wears glasses. 

So why do I have to keep myself from staring at him constantly?! The minor reason is that his arms are rippled with well-defined muscle and if I had to pick a body part on a man that I loved most, it would have to be arms (keep it clean, folks). Strong, toned arms - yep they do it for me! Also he does these ab exercises. They're kind of like the ones in this video, but with a different machine. The other male body part that really does it for me (get your mind out of the gutter; this blog is PG-13 or maybe 14-A) is abs. On a daily basis I envision myself walking over to "Hot Guy" and asking him to raise his shirt so I can 1) see his abs and 2) touch them. Don't you think that would be fun?! If I was single, I would totally muster up the courage, but as I am happily attached, I shall simply continue to oogle from afar. I'm pretty sure he knows I watch him; in fact, he likely enjoys that I watch him...or maybe I am just a few more stare sessions away from having him ask me what my problem is. I prefer the former state of mind. 

Now you are likely thinking I am just a big ol' creep, but come on, I run for long, L-O-N-G, periods of time. I watch tv, I listen to music, and I stare at the cute boys. If it makes me less creepy, I also watch the women. The ones with the incredibly toned physiques that I am jealous of and wish I looked like. The ones that come to the gym all dolled up to walk on the elliptical trainer or ride the stationary bike for ten minutes. The ones that are skinny like I was when I was 18 and will never be again. I don't spend much time watching those skinny girls though. In all honesty (not just because I am jealous) I wouldn't want to be that skinny again. I prefer to oogle the girls that are toned with a solid core that I can tell have worked damn hard to look the way they do. Damn good!

What is perhaps the worst part of the fact that I people-watch, is the accompanying fact that wish I was invisible at the gym. I am quite self-conscious of my lack of physical fitness. The sweat spots I accumulate in unsightly places, my inability to adjust the weight machines properly, the wonderment at whether or not I am maintaining the proper workout form; it all makes me wish I had the gym totally to myself. The reality is likely that no one is watching me at all and I am just an over-anxious, crazy person. But, hey, I'm raising money for a good cause so that makes it all a-ok!


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